10 reasons why kindle paperwhite is better than a book.


  1. It’s lighter. Its actually lighter than the average paperback. Kindle paperwhite weights 7.8 ounces. An average (400 pages) paperback weights around 22 ounces.
  2. It has free books. You can load free ebooks from Project Gutenberg or other sites, to your kindle.
  3. It’s cheaper. Because of the previous point, you can save alot of money and depreciate the device cost within months.
  4. It’s extremely portable. It can fit right into your pocket.
  5. It has a built-in light. That’s definately something that normal books don’t have, but dearly need in low light.
  6. Access millions of books from anywhere. You can buy a book wherever you are, by using the 3g feature of kindle.
  7. It’s a space saver. You can have a thousand book library whithin 11 cubic inches.
  8. It’s more relaxing to the eye. Much better contrast than most printed books.
  9. It can sync across devices. You can read the same book on your mobile, desktop/laptop and kindle itself. This scheme makes you a more productive reader.
  10. It has a lending library of its own. If you ‘re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow a book per month, with no due date!

Why do celebrities post nude pics on social media?

Every now and then I read about some celebrity, that “accidentally” posted a nude picture of him/her self on twitter or facebook. I was wondering why is that? Why do they do it? How come it’s always an accident?

The answer came to me, when I realized, that all of them used an iPhone.

Let me show you something.

This is the sharing screen on an iPhone.

This is the sharing screen on an android phone.

The conclusion? They have must have short thumbs!

Hey, hey, hey!

The past few year I ‘ve been in and out of wordpress, so many times, that I could own half the deleted blogs!

In this atempt I wish to post anything that comes in mind. From single liners, to thousands of words (not!).  My goal is to never have to use any other social service (twitter, facebook etc.) and have it all in one place. This place.

So, here I go (yet again!)